Why Rewards Programs?

Whether it’s to enhance retention, differentiate your brand or compete with rival programs, today’s marketers need to consider these programs within their marketing strategy.



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Consumers Love Rewards

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Consumers in mature rewards focused markets such a financial services, retail and aviation have developed an expectation of rewards in many purchase experiences.

Other growing industries such as online wagering, fintech and commodity styled services such as electricity and insurance are leveraging this expectation from consumers by integrating sophisticated rewards programs.


Proven to Influence Customer Behaviour


Rewards programs are proven to influence customer behaviour and, in many cases, enhance customer loyalty.

Rewards influence repeat purchase and retention as well as drive specific actions that drive underlying revenue: completing applications, reading content, trying to new products.

Rising Acquisition Costs


Rising acquisition costs in the digital advertising landscape have put a focus back onto retention. 

Today’s brands need to reduce customer churn and focus on leveraging their existing relationship with clients as much as possible.