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Top 50 Software to Enhance Customer Loyalty

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

In the previous post about how to create powerful customer loyalty we mentioned the importance of customer loyalty, and the structures required to build your own customer loyalty strategy.

In this post we will explore the best software and tools to help you automate the Customer Retention process.

Rewards and Loyalty

1.Carrots Plus: Enhance customer retention with your very own rewards program. Issue points to your customers, allowing them to redeem your own customised rewards, or rewards from our store. Connect to your platform via a simple API.

2. Loyverse: Free cloud POS for cafe and shops, providing inventory management, loyalty program, electronic receipts, and customer communication.

3. Tango Card: Your partner for digital rewards and incentives that drive business results. Deliver e-gift cards easily and automatically.

4. Nice Job: Platform for reviews, referrals and sales.

5. Loyera: Loyera is an intuitive, efficient, and easy loyalty software that helps you build and manage a community of loyal customers. We help you manage returning customers, attract new ones and track every single activity of your loyalty program.

6. Vauchar: Fully managed cloud-based voucher management infrastructure with API to create, distribute, redeem and track discounts codes.

7. Mass Mobile: Customer loyalty solution with full CRM, push notifications, SMS, email, geofencing, and social media integration.

8. Referral Candy: Boost return customer rates by creating a loyalty discount program that can be integrated with social media sites.

9. Apex Loyalty: Apex Loyalty is a cloud-based loyalty marketing and incentive automation app built natively on Designed for mid-size to enterprise level companies to engage and stay connected with channel partners and B2B customers to drive more sales and to create brand advocacy. The system offers a personalized partner platform, gamification utilities, customer and campaign segmentation, SMS and email marketing automation tools, and a built-in rewards catalogue.

10. WavetoGet: Loyalty campaign solution designed to increase sales, acquire & retain clients, reduce marketing costs, and more.

11. Collect: Create your own Loyalty and Referral Program. Integrated with POS, eCommerce and Apple Wallet.

12. Pleesher: Create a fun incentive program for your online community that includes a point system, goals, and statuses.

13. Yotpo: Collect eCommerce customer reviews, photos, and Q&A from a single platform, boosting loyalty and increasing traffic, social proof, and sales. Ideal for growing businesses processing over 300 orders a month.

14. Loopy Loyalty: The world’s only blockchain-backed web application to create and manage digital stamp cards for Apple Wallet and Google Pay. Design your cards online, send push messages to customers, capture transaction history, and view customer insights.

15. Goody: Customer loyalty and automated marketing solution.

16. CityGro: All-in-one customer retention and marketing software to bring clients back after the first purchase.

17. Womply: Platform for small businesses to boost their online reputations, engage their customers, and monitor the health of their business.

18. DataCandy: DataCandy is a leading provider of loyalty and gift card programs for restaurants and retailers of all sizes.

19. Walmoo: On-demand customer loyalty solution for small to medium retail businesses.

20. Voucherify: 1:1 personalized promotions. Launch contextual coupon, referral, discount, and loyalty campaigns fast.

21. Picnic: Platform for driving community participation, recognition, loyalty and engagement. Includes a full suite of gamification and activity modules including individual and team quests, points, badges, leaderboards, levelling, collaboration, competition, item gameplay, collection challenges, and social experience such as social login, sharing, voting, and more.

22. FanExam for NPS: Consistently measure customer satisfaction and collect actionable feedback.

23. World’s most popular ecommerce rewards platform, powering rewards for 15,000 merchants across the globe.

24. iVend Loyalty: Points and rewards management application available digitally and on a card, accruing points through visits or purchases, redeemable across channels for discounts, gift items or other rewards.

25. Antavo: Antavo is a loyalty management platform for B2C retailers and brands to create gamified loyalty programs in store, online and on mobile.

Customer Relationship Management

26. Hubspot: HubSpot offers independent contractors and owners of tiny businesses an easy entry into the world of CRM solutions. The free version of HubSpot may offer enough functionality to improve processes and organization at zero cost.

27. Zoho: Intuitive CRM module with a variety of extensions through Zoho Marketplace. Simple setup means businesses can create a customized CRM solution without a developer.

28. Salesforce: Salesforce is an all-in-one, cloud-based CRM solution. Key features include lead generation, contact and opportunity management, sales forecasting and workflow automation.

29. Infusionsoft: Cloud-based sales and marketing solution with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing Automation and E-Commerce functionalities to help small businesses deliver sales and customer service experiences.

Insight & Marketing

30: Optimove: Dramatically increase user retention with advanced marketing technology and realtime hyper-targeting.

31: Zendesk: Data-driven customer segmentation. Send meaningful campaigns to custom audiences based on customer interest and behaviour, and keep them up to speed with company/platform updates.

32: Gainsight: Collate customer data from multiple systems to trigger intelligent and automated communications.


33: LoyalZoo: Increase customer retention through gamification. Built for independent shops and restaurants, designed to dynamically increase the interaction between merchant and customer at local businesses.

34: FiveStars: Loyalty and gamification app for small businesses. Customers earn rewards for supporting local business, while businesses create custom rewards programs tailored to their specific needs.

35: Splick-it: Gamification platform for merchant solutions, simplifying online and mobile ordering, payment, and marketing. Splick-it’s solutions are designed to strengthen brands that connect customers and food.

36: Perkville: Automated loyalty and rewards program to increase customer engagement, improve lead generation, and incentivize social media interaction. Customers earn loyalty points for brand engagement, and claim rewards. 37: The Loyalty Box: A platform-independent solution for setting up loyalty programs. Available in multiple currencies, with the ability to include partners and create custom solutions.


38: Badgeville: Gamification-based engagement solution designed to guide and drive the use of enterprise applications. Key application areas include online community engagement, sales performance, learning management, compliance training, and customer support.

39: Bunchball: Cloud-based gamification products to help companies gain new customers and improve current customer loyalty. Bunchball combines big data, gamification and behavioral science to motivate specific user behavior and strengthen connections between businesses and their employees and customers. 40. Belly: Gamification and customer interaction tools to create loyalty programs for any business.

41. IBM: IBM’s Enterprise Customer Loyalty Program v1.0.0 solution delivers full online, in-store, and app-based loyalty functionality to help engage customers and motivate them to choose your brand no matter where they are shopping. Social/Content engagement

42. Gigya: Identify, engage & build single customer views to create relevant, personalized experiences. Designed to meet privacy, compliance and security best practices.

43. Social & Loyal: Gamified loyalty platform that engages and activates a brand’s audience whereever the brand is. 44. Captain Up: Maximise user engagement and lifetime value using gamification, social and communication tools. 45. GaggleAmp: Employee advocacy solution to help companies amplify reach and marketing efforts by tapping into the passion of employees. Advocate Marketing

46. Zuberance: Build and unleash your “Advocate Army,” driving positive Word of Mouth and sales.

47. Influitive: Advocate marketing services tailored to the needs of B2B marketers. Develop a community of advocates consisting of previous customers. Create custom rewards programs, incentivising users to complete reviews and referrals.

48. Ambassador: All-in-one referral marketing. Acquire more of your best customers, faster, by leveraging the power of word-of-mouth. 49. Annex Cloud: Incentivise eCommerce customers and follow social trends. Over 20 social tools designed to help online retailers improve upon their existing products and create new successful additions. Increase social reach, build customer loyalty, access customer data and improve client retention. 50. Customer Advocacy: Encourage customers to become brand ambassadors. Create incentive plans for their customers to encourage repeat business and brand promotion. Track the success and influence of particular customer advertisement strategies.

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