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The next evolution of rewards programs

Introducing Carrots Plus – a platform that allows any business to create their own rewards program

Consumers engaged with brands very differently back when rewards program “S&H Green Stamps” debuted in the 1930s. We’ve come a long way since then with highly sophisticated rewards programs now in place for hotel chains, airlines, supermarkets and a range of other industries.

Right now at least 71% of the Australian population are members of at least one rewards program. These programs have helped today’s brands create rewards experiences that build stronger relationships and enhanced loyalty.

However, developing a rewards programs requires more than just printing green stamps. Companies without the time, expertise or resources to do so miss out on the opportunity to create a stronger and more engaged community of consumers.

To address these realities, brands need tools to make it simple to increase retention and influence customer behaviour.

This is why today we’re announcing Carrots Plus.

What is Carrots Plus?

Carrots Plus is white-label software that allows today’s brands to create their own unique rewards program. Our complete technology solution provides all the necessary tools to develop, implement and manage a unique rewards program.

  • The issue points to your customers for engaging with your brand;

  • Create your own unique rewards and select from our inbuilt range;

  • Integrate your rewards store and points data into your channels seamlessly;

  • Seamless delivery to your customers;

  • Build, track and manage your program from your admin dashboard.

The number #1 thing that companies with high customer churn have told us is that they need better ways to retain customers to their brand, as it is 5 to 25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one.

Brand’s face a range of challenges when it comes to creating a unique rewards program that will speak to their customers. Developing and servicing back-end technology, integrating points and rewards data into front-ends and sourcing and delivering the right range of rewards incentives can be a daunting and resource heavy task (source).

Carrots Plus alleviates these pain points and allows brands to start creating rewards experiences in weeks not months.

“Members of loyalty programs generate between 12% and 18% incremental revenue growth per year than non-members.”

Source: Accenture

Connect and create your brands rewards experience

Carrots Plus integrates easily into existing business processes via a simple API integration. Once connected, your rewards admin dashboard allows you to customise your rewards program, view pending orders and monitor your program with ease.

Give meaningful rewards

Consumers today are increasingly wanting rewards that are highly tailored to fit their needs and lifestyle. With Carrots Plus, select from pre-created rewards or create fully customised rewards program aligned with your business to cross-sell and promote your brand values and products. Some examples of items that could be included are consumer goods, electronics, vouchers, holidays and more.

As a white label product, Carrots Plus will be integrated into existing branding ensuring that all consumer experiences are aligned directly with your brand.

Want to learn more?

If this sounds like something relevant to your organisation we’d love to hear from you.

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