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Our rewards solution offers a range of pre-built features allowing you to customise a rewards experience that's unique to your brand. Create a memorable program that aligns directly with your brand value and that speaks to the needs and desires of your most important asset - your customers.

Provide Points

Create an easy to understand model for your clients to earn points. Issue points on a regular basis and drive specific behaviour with points promotions.

Registrations & sign ups

Purchases & transactions

Social media follows & interactions

Birthdays & special occasions

Points promotions 

Referring a friend

Create Rewards

Develop meaningful rewards your customers will love. Create your own promotions/offers, branded merchandise, product cross-sell and much more. Also utilise our 3rd party rewards.

Discounts on your products/services

Branded merchandise

Digital discounts & vouchers

Electronics, gifts, fitness products

Luxury, apparel, health & wellness

Carrots Plus rewards + delivery service


Your rewards dashboard gives you full control of your clients’ experience. Make manual adjustments to impact a single customer or make changes that impact segments or your entire rewards audience.

Monitor your rewards analytics

Create rewards tiers & segments 

Setup email communications

Track pending orders

Preview changes to your rewards UI

Manage internal accounts & access

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