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Connect | Reward | Retain

Build, manage and deliver your new rewards program

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Issue Points, Create Rewards, Optimise your Rewards Store

Issues Points Based on your Rules

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Create Meaningful 


Design your Ideal Digital Experience

Develop a rewards experience that aligns to your brands niche, and that speak to the interests of your customers. Create product & service discounts, offer tangible gifts and choose from our in-built rewards product offering to deliver a unique experience your customers will learn to love.

How it works?

Connect | Reward | Retain

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Connecting your customer points data as well as delivering the digital experience can be achieved through a wide range of options. 

Digital Rewards Store | Shopify | API


Launch your program to your customers enabling them to receive points for a wide range of interactions with your brand

Joining your business, making purchases

Hitting engagement goals, loyalty levels

Social media engagement

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Your customers will love earning points, plus, they'll be able to redeem points based on the rewards you choose

Product/Service Discounts & Vouchers 

Technology Products

No limits on what you can create!

Don't just take our word for it.

Rewards Programs Work

Members of loyalty programs generate between 12% and 18%
incremental revenue growth per year than non-members.

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